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Lukas 1:38

Kata Maria: "Sesungguhnya aku ini adalah hamba Tuhan; jadilah padaku menurut perkataanmu itu." Lalu malaikat itu meninggalkan dia.
Luke 1:38

Then Mary said, Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said. And the angel left her.
Lukas 1:46-47

Lalu kata Maria: "Jiwaku memuliakan Tuhan,
dan hatiku bergembira karena Allah, Juruselamatku,

Luke 1:46-47

And Mary said, My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

Lukas 1:48

sebab Ia telah memperhatikan kerendahan hamba-Nya. Sesungguhnya, mulai dari sekarang segala keturunan akan menyebut aku berbahagia,
Luke 1:48

For He has looked upon the low station and humiliation of His handmaiden. For behold, from now on all generations [of all ages] will call me blessed and declare me happy and to be envied!
Lukas 1:49-50

karena Yang Mahakuasa telah melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan besar kepadaku dan nama-Nya adalah kudus.
Dan rahmat-Nya turun-temurun atas orang yang takut akan Dia.

Luke 1:49-50

For He Who is almighty has done great things for me--and holy is His name [to be venerated in His purity, majesty and glory]!
And His mercy (His compassion and kindness toward the miserable and afflicted) is on those who fear Him with godly reverence, from generation to generation and age to age.

Lukas 1:51

Ia memperlihatkan kuasa-Nya dengan perbuatan tangan-Nya dan mencerai-beraikan orang-orang yang congkak hatinya;
Luke 1:51

He has shown strength and made might with His arm; He has scattered the proud and haughty in and by the imagination and purpose and designs of their hearts.
Lukas 1:52-53

Ia menurunkan orang-orang yang berkuasa dari takhtanya dan meninggikan orang-orang yang rendah;
Ia melimpahkan segala yang baik kepada orang yang lapar, dan menyuruh orang yang kaya pergi dengan tangan hampa;

Luke 1:52-53

He has put down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of low degree.
He has filled and satisfied the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty-handed [without a gift].

Lukas 1:54

Ia menolong Israel, hamba-Nya, karena Ia mengingat rahmat-Nya,

Luke 1:54

He has laid hold on His servant Israel [to help him, to espouse his cause], in remembrance of His mercy,

Lukas 1:55

seperti yang dijanjikan-Nya kepada nenek moyang kita, kepada Abraham dan keturunannya untuk selama-lamanya."
Luke 1:55

Even as He promised to our forefathers, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.
Lukas 2:48

Dan ketika orang tua-Nya melihat Dia, tercenganglah mereka, lalu kata ibu-Nya kepada-Nya: "Nak, mengapakah Engkau berbuat demikian terhadap kami? Bapa-Mu dan aku dengan cemas mencari Engkau."
Luke 2:48

When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, "Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you."
Yoh 2:5

Tetapi ibu Yesus berkata kepada pelayan-pelayan: "Apa yang dikatakan kepadamu, buatlah itu!"
John 2:5

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


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John 2:1-11
By: RD Alf Very Ara
Anywhere, the tribe or any cultural cluster, there is usually one custom or habit that is almost the same. If a young man is  about to propose a girl, the main thing to note is that the first formal meeting should give a good impression and fun for her parents and her family as well.
Therefore, when  Rotua Togas would like to propose Sianipar Sinaga, then he should be prepared as best as possible, especially the appearance, language and attitude. His appearance must really impressive. If not, it is not impossible her application will be rejected.
"That's the first sign that Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and with it he has expressed his glory and his disciples believed in him" (Jn 2.11). The first sign that Jesus did admittedly very impressive. With a sign he does it, a lot of people excited and digugas, including Murud him to believe in Him.
Jesus realized that the importance of providing an attractive first impression; leave scars or deep impact and last a long time in the hearts of everyone who encountered him, especially his disciples that the special will be comrades in arms to continue the construction of his church.

To give a convincing first impression, Jesus, through Mary has found a surefire means of appearance. That incident changes the water into wine. The water turned into wine is not just a class of cheap wine, but the best wines and wine are commonly served for the first time to the honored guests at a party in order to give a good impression for them.

At Cana, through signs wonder change water into wine, Jesus appeared very impressive: He appeared not only as a miracle worker, but as a Best Wine. Because then when the wine miracle at Cana drunk, his disciples constantly impressed, not to mention the wine, but by Jesus, it's the best wines.
Can we afford to always look impressive as the best wine through appearance, attitude and our speech to God and others? Not only the first time, but for the next, always and everywhere else?





Sunday, January 13, 2013, the Church celebrates Jesus' baptism. In the language of the liturgy we called the Feast of the Baptism of God. Gospel given to us that Luke 3:15-16,21-22. When we read, observe and reflect on this Gospel, we will find a lot of meaning contained in the testimony of John the Baptist story of Jesus (Luk.3 :15-16) and the events of Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist (Luke 3:21-22).

In a pastoral greeting this time, we invite you to consider one of the sisters of Jesus' attitude when baptized. When baptized, Jesus showed the attitude of prayer. And still praying some time after the baptism. As I was praying, the heavens opened and the Spirit descended in the form of a dove upon Him.
Jesus prayed, that our conclusions. The attitude of prayer the Lord Jesus is constantly shown in proclaiming the kingdom of God. Jesus prayed before choosing the twelve disciples, Jesus prayed before healing the sick, Jesus prayed after he fed 500 thousand men, Jesus prayed before his face turn of events on top of a mountain, and Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane before he lived and died on the cross road cross.

Pray has become the major behavior of Jesus. In pray, the Lord Jesus establish personal communication with God, the Father in heaven. When communication is established, the heavens were opened, and a voice came from heaven, "You are my beloved Son, unto thine I am well pleased." (Luk.3: 22). In prayer, the power of God is poured out upon the prayer. Although, he was born by the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus showed that only maintained power through prayer attitude total and relentless. This is what the Lord Jesus, born of the human side of him.

Celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, this time celebrated in 2013. As ever communicated via media "Thanks" is, that from January to June 2013 is the Year of Faith. One attitude that a believer is to pray. Anyone who admits he is a person who believes in God, but in itself is not the attitude of prayer, never prayed, he is in fact not as a believer. It's the same with a man who says that the Magdalene was his wife Melisa, but since the day of the wedding she never talked to his wife, never shared with the wife in any situation and he is actually not a husband.

Menghayatan In 2013, as the year of the priest, then let us be prayer as our personal lives and our life together. Prayer is like the oxygen we breathe every day. Each of the breath is a prayer. Thus, wherever we are we always in a situation of inner prayer. Praying means looking to things divine, worship, liturgical celebrations. It means we can think of worship wherever we are.

We remember certain parts of the eucharistic celebrations, worship, prayer beads, prayer karonka and so on. Prayer means talking to God in the form of praise, worship and supplication. We say sebait psalms, for example, God is my shepherd, while on the move. We may say Jesus, You light my life when the night comes down to the city of Medan. Amen



(Matthew 2:1-12)

 Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

Today we celebrate the Feast of appearance of God marked by the emergence of star.

Rays of the star leads three Magi to meet new King: Jesus enthroned in the manger.

News of angels and revelation of God in a dream proclaimed that Jesus is the Savior; Messiah.

Today, God shows that God's work of salvation for the world began to appear in the presence of a tiny baby in Bethlehem understated.

Not only that, God is also pleased to reveal His power to deliver all the people come and enjoy the salvation brought by Jesus. Indeed, it is not easy to reach safety.

It takes a proactive stance to source safety and humble attitude to the exclusion of oneself with all worldly attributes to kneeled down and dedicate my life to God's work of salvation. This is done by the three wise men.

They are willing to leave the country, family, wealth, and all they have to seek and find salvation.

But lo attitude Herod, although he had been told about the presence of the Messiah, and even more convinced by the chief priests and scribes, he was not looking for a Messiah and adoring Him.

Instead, he feels disturbed precisely, he will feel his power undermined.

Therefore, with all their tricks, he instead sought to eliminate the Messiah, despite having to sacrifice a lot of innocent babies.

Dear brothers and sisters,

God has shown his work of salvation. Also pave the way for anyone to take them up to salvation. But what should we think?

Do we act like the three wise men who faithfully follow the guidance of eastern star to come to salvation? Or we like Herod who refused even tried to destroy the Salvation?
"Seek the Lord while He may be found; cried out to Him for He is near" (Isaiah 55:6)




"God has loved us" (1 John 4:19). This is the theme of Christmas in the message of the bishops of Indonesia (KWI) and the Fellowship of Churches in Indonesia (PGI). Who has been changed by the power of God's love?
Brooke Bronkowski generation of this age girls are like our children watch glittering city of New York, Chicago and California. He also felt the pulse of life of poverty in the slums of New York, people who live and love the material shortage, abandoned children and the beggars. He who knows the child's age internet, communicate with hp. But he has appeared as a creature whose life is not dictated by the medium term, world kegerlapan night, hedonism and consumerism culture.

Most of the children now in their teens changed by lifestyle: hedonism, hapy. Or there are kids who turned into evil son, motorcycle gang, alcoholic-narkobaan due to poverty, lack of parental love or live as displaced people. But at the same time Brooke Bronkowski changed by the Word of God. God love him to change his life. He was changed by love. At the age of junior high school, he was active in the ecclesial activity. He used money gratuity of keeping baby (baby sitting) to buy a Bible then divided his friends. The goal is only one of his friends namely that the more experience the love of God.

At the age of 12, Brooke Bronkowski, writes: I'm going to enjoy life to the fullest. I'll be happy. I will rejoice more than ever. I'll be good to others. I will no longer be stiff. I'm going to share Christ with people. I will bertualangan explore and change the world. I will be strong and do not need to change who I am. I will not have any issues, but it will help others solve problems.

Look, I'm going to live as a man who made history at my young age. Oh, of course I will have good moments and bad, but I'm going to erase the bad and only remember the good. Even just the good moments I remember, no one is in the middle. Anyway, I just live my life fully. I'll be one of those people who go somewhere with a mission, a plan that incredible, world-changing plan, and nothing is in my way. I will give an example to others, I will pray for guidance.

I still have a long future. I'm going to share the joy that I have to others and God will give me greater joy. I will do everything the Lord has commanded me. I will follow the footsteps of the Lord. I will do my best. "
When sitting in class I SMAN, Brooke had a car accident while going to watch a movie in bioskop.Ia died at the age of 14 years. In the event, the funeral attended by more than 1500 people. Because Brooke has been known as the girl who proselytize and to invite people to experience the love of God. On that day read his writings and poems about his love for God and love of God to him. Everyone commented on the exemplary life and the joy / enthusiasm he has.
Brooke Bronkowsi 14 years of age. But what he made in such a short age usiannya not limited to that. As the letter above, through the witness of his life, proclaiming Jesus and his poems, he has been exploring the rest of the world. His life is an inspiration to young people in modern times.

A child and youth more easily touched feelings and be reassured that they are loved by God. God loves them through kindness and compassion parents, families and teachers. But for adults it is very difficult to be made aware that we are loved by God. People grow up to become more aware over being hurt has jilted experience, has a lot of problems, debts, tired and exhausted from work. If I loved God why a lot of issues come into my life? It is not the love of God to bring mercy on my life?

Whatever happens and however our condition, we are loved by God. KWI and PGI Christmas message in 2012 is aware of all those who believe in Jesus that God loves us. We are people who love the Lord. Because of that love, God sent his Son to save us. The birth of Jesus Christ is the proof of God's love for man.

Life to be achieved by reflecting on the message this Christmas, let the love of God in our lives dominate the whole consciousness. I am a lovable person. It lives in the power of love. Whoever controlled love life, they will have a zest for life / joy and enthusiasm as Brooke Bronkowski. This is a quality of life. Although people around us love us less. But we can be thankful for the sun, day and night and the universe that offers kindness to me.

In line with this, the bishops at the November 2012 session, delivered a pastoral message to the people that appreciate the creation / environment. Nature, forest, water, birds and animals in the wild is not man-made. It is the gift of God's love for man and the entire universe. If we love someone, it means we also love giving / gift given to us. Why do people destroy nature? Yes, men do not love the creator and giver


 Liturgically celebrate Christmas event every year is impressive as we are looking forward to and expect nowwadays. However, how boisterous and beautiful as any celebration, if Jesus was not born in our hearts, they are a really meaningless.

            Therefore, the importance of the questions raised from the third Sunday of Advent Gospel today for us, "What should we do? '. This question does not just appear, but the fruit of repentance invitation of John the Baptist and born of consciousness. The question was addressed to the person with authority, then the answer is very reassuring to be implemented.

            In preparation to welcome the approaching of this feast, what should we do to Jesus born in our hearts? First, we must repent. Sincere confession welcomed and met with forgiveness or absolution, it actually has been cleaned and fully open "cave or enclosure 'hearts.

             Second, we should pray more fervently and in particular, whether in a group or private situation. True prayer and meditation in the silence that creates lane roads to be traversed by the St. Joseph and St. Mary to get to the cave of our hearts. While contemplation is the star.

Third, fairness, honesty, especially the spirit of humble and generous to want to share with others in charity. Justice and honesty keeps us from being greedy who put money and possessions above all else. Humility keeps us from pride, which is the root of all evil. Hearts are greedy and arrogant closed to trouble others, and goodness are considered accidental or did it right. Because his heart is closed then only reinforces the anxiety hoard closed doors away from the touch of grace and love of God. Humility and generosity in sharing property is vast sky nan bright and beautiful glowing horizon, to be grateful for all the goodness of the Lord in all the events experienced.

            We know the classic story, Joseph looking for lodging that Mary gave birth to Jesus can be viable, but it was rejected even though there is a place, because they do not have enough money (cf. Lk 2:7). So, let us not neglect to share with those who are afflicted. Share with them is to share with God, as in Jesus, God identifies himself in them. The shepherd in the desert is a personal example-2 are honest, fair, humble and generous. Generosity is not only owned by the rich, for generosity is not just about content, but about heart sungguh2. Hopefully with good preparation and especially the grace of His love, the Immanuel really born in our hearts. Congratulations entered the third Sunday of Advent. (Eligius)



 A family revealed through unity in a particular event. In the event the sense of kinship can be experienced and felt. For example, at the time of his 65th mother's birthday. Children, grandchildren and other kinship come give her congratulations and they could eat together. Or when her daughter get married.Di relatives gathered there by the time of the blessing of the marriage or at the reception.

People of Medan Cathedral are not related directly or indirectly. Indeed, among other things, quite a lot of people who still have the cathedral fabric of kinship. But that's not the reason they become the people's Cathedral. Yes, they happen to be in the parish church of the cathedral. Although we do not have a biological kinship but we are a family. The people of the Cathedral family.
By baptism, we have been united in a relationship with the most holy Trinity. Unity is real, we have experienced as a family in a parish that is the Cathedral parish. Like a family, it is worth we occasionally experience togetherness. Indeed, over the years, we have experienced together in prayer in the neighborhood, and the celebration of the Eucharist in the parish, coaching meetings and various meetings. This togetherness is liturgical / celebration of faith, coaching or working meetings.

God always misses we experienced together as a family. There we chat, rejoice, cheer and tease each other, uplift and joking. It is also our desire. Overview of this, look no luck and a waste of time. But we will develop positive affection, a relationship with God in faith, we express in social relations with fellow believers
In this awareness, designing the Cathedral parish council that we need to experience together in a relaxed, meaningful and creative. There, we continue to knit relationships and kinship in faith, hope and love. So we have found that in the celebration of the Feast of Patron parish moment, we make it as a day-to-day silahturahmi kinship for the people of the Cathedral or the Cathedral parish community for the day.

In this awareness, designing the Cathedral parish council that we need to experience together in a relaxed, meaningful and creative. There, we continue to knit relationships and kinship in faith, hope and love. So we have found that in the celebration of the Feast of Patron parish moment, we make it as a day-to-day silahturahmi kinship for the people of the Cathedral or the Cathedral parish community for the day.

To succeed in this parish Patron Party, the organizers have worked hard. Various competitions have been held since early in October. During the months of October and November, we feel the pulse of our collective journey coloring Cathedral Parish. The committee works with joy and they work as a son or daughter in a family.

This celebration is also simultaneously submission of the Cathedral Church to God through prayer and protective love of the Virgin Mary was conceived without the stain of sin. We want to give thanks for the love and guidance of God in prayer Mother Mary. And once we express faith determination and commitment to continue to learn from Mary, how life is not getting tainted sins. A life driven by the better harsat, weighty and ultimately more sacred. In short, the mother told us surrender our parish. Oh Mother of the refuge, I leave the cathedral parish.

While grateful to the Lord, let us rekindle the joy, ease our steps to come to the party to celebrate the cathedral parish patron together as a community and the family of God. Dispose tendency shut down, selfishness, and felt no need for anyone else. St Frasiskus said every person is a blessing to you. And St Augustine affirmed, if you do not feel the need for someone else, but keep in mind, that other people always need you. O Mary conceived without the stain of sin pray for us. Amen.



(Luke 21:25-28, 34-36)

                 One day, a young man went to visit a sage.

He asked,

"Father, please tell me, when exactly I need to repent and change my way of life?".

The wise man replied,

"Young man, you have to change the way of life in the days before you died!."

Then the young man asked,


"And when is the day of my death?" So the wise man said, "Maybe tomorrow".

The young man said, "So, that means I have to change my way of life today?"

 The wise man said, "Yes, now!"

Today the Evangelist Luke invites us to be on guard to welcome the Lord and should not delay.

"Keep praying and  always be alert, that ye might receive the strength to escape all that will happen and that you stand before the Son of Man" (Luke 21:36).


On the first Sunday of Advent, we are warned to guard against the coming of the Lord.

 The Lord will come at a Christmas party.

 But God also comes in every event of our daily lives, if we are sensitive and alert to see and welcome the coming of the Lord.

Advent is not only limited to four weeks ahead of the Christmas party, but the rest of our lives.

We must always be in the atmosphere of Advent, because God always comes in every event, every event, every experience is also the simplest.

Every event in our lives actually become events coming of the Lord.

Brother, maybe we are just watching for the arrival of guests:

we clean the whole house, we put dirty clothes in boxes and put under the bed.

Indeed, when guests come look clean and tidy.

 However, after the guests went home, the house will be back to normal, as the ship broke in shambles.            

Let us be faithful always on guard in every event. (RMM).


 Was it due to committing the crime, Jesus was sentenced to die on the cross? He said himself the King of the Jews.
That's what Jesus did was considered as a crime.
The indictment was written in three languages​​:


at the top of his head on a tree. (Jn 19:19-20), so that people who read and know His crime.

In celebration of Christ the King is, we can also ask ourselves: are we saying "from the deep bottom of our own heart" (John 13:34) that Jesus is the King or whether we just simply follow the tradition of the church by reading, praying and singing "Christ Jaya" ? But remember:
If we receive "from our own heart" that Jesus is the King, we will be rejected and persecuted as He. Because Jesus was not only a king but the King of kings (Rev. 1:5).
He and his followers is a threat to the kings and rulers, unless they acknowledge His sovereignty.
Because of Him, He was crucified and suffering (Phil. 3:10).
To celebrate the grand celebration today without any pretense, for  fully  accepting Jesus as King, we must love Him to live and die for Him just to give up everything, like to buy a precious pearl in His Kingdom (Matthew 13:44 , 46).
Will we celebrate Christ the King of awareness of our own hearts and not me-iktan?
"His power is an everlasting dominion that will not go away, and His kingdom is the kingdom will not be destroyed" (Daniel 7:14)


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