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Lukas 1:38

Kata Maria: "Sesungguhnya aku ini adalah hamba Tuhan; jadilah padaku menurut perkataanmu itu." Lalu malaikat itu meninggalkan dia.
Luke 1:38

Then Mary said, Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said. And the angel left her.
Lukas 1:46-47

Lalu kata Maria: "Jiwaku memuliakan Tuhan,
dan hatiku bergembira karena Allah, Juruselamatku,

Luke 1:46-47

And Mary said, My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

Lukas 1:48

sebab Ia telah memperhatikan kerendahan hamba-Nya. Sesungguhnya, mulai dari sekarang segala keturunan akan menyebut aku berbahagia,
Luke 1:48

For He has looked upon the low station and humiliation of His handmaiden. For behold, from now on all generations [of all ages] will call me blessed and declare me happy and to be envied!
Lukas 1:49-50

karena Yang Mahakuasa telah melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan besar kepadaku dan nama-Nya adalah kudus.
Dan rahmat-Nya turun-temurun atas orang yang takut akan Dia.

Luke 1:49-50

For He Who is almighty has done great things for me--and holy is His name [to be venerated in His purity, majesty and glory]!
And His mercy (His compassion and kindness toward the miserable and afflicted) is on those who fear Him with godly reverence, from generation to generation and age to age.

Lukas 1:51

Ia memperlihatkan kuasa-Nya dengan perbuatan tangan-Nya dan mencerai-beraikan orang-orang yang congkak hatinya;
Luke 1:51

He has shown strength and made might with His arm; He has scattered the proud and haughty in and by the imagination and purpose and designs of their hearts.
Lukas 1:52-53

Ia menurunkan orang-orang yang berkuasa dari takhtanya dan meninggikan orang-orang yang rendah;
Ia melimpahkan segala yang baik kepada orang yang lapar, dan menyuruh orang yang kaya pergi dengan tangan hampa;

Luke 1:52-53

He has put down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of low degree.
He has filled and satisfied the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty-handed [without a gift].

Lukas 1:54

Ia menolong Israel, hamba-Nya, karena Ia mengingat rahmat-Nya,

Luke 1:54

He has laid hold on His servant Israel [to help him, to espouse his cause], in remembrance of His mercy,

Lukas 1:55

seperti yang dijanjikan-Nya kepada nenek moyang kita, kepada Abraham dan keturunannya untuk selama-lamanya."
Luke 1:55

Even as He promised to our forefathers, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.
Lukas 2:48

Dan ketika orang tua-Nya melihat Dia, tercenganglah mereka, lalu kata ibu-Nya kepada-Nya: "Nak, mengapakah Engkau berbuat demikian terhadap kami? Bapa-Mu dan aku dengan cemas mencari Engkau."
Luke 2:48

When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, "Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you."
Yoh 2:5

Tetapi ibu Yesus berkata kepada pelayan-pelayan: "Apa yang dikatakan kepadamu, buatlah itu!"
John 2:5

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


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Catholic Reflection PH Vol. 10 No. 8

The name of Thomas is not surprisingly among among Christians (it is not unfamiliar name).

A person is good at arguing and always looking for reasons to justify himself, then he will be called the Thomas, the doubting.

If we examine the heart Tomas situation more deeply, we would have an "attitude of the other" to this Thomas.

At that point, Thomas felt frustrated, sad, upset because of Jesus that has a handle on life, and maketh the guidelines and the future, have died even death on a cross.

Thomas is also somewhat "double-minded" when the women say that Jesus had risen.

In the deep turmoil, Thomas wanted to be alone (retreat) and "set apart" by his friends for a while.

By taking the distance with his personal problems,

Thomas could think more clearly even in making decisions (discernment).

On the other hand, Jesus knows the heart of Thomas and the situation. Jesus realized that Thomas was very fond of him as a teacher.

So, Jesus did not rebuke severely, but with gentleness.

Gentle attitude that makes the heart Thomas became conscious and "return to the bosom of" the Master.

Jesus knew the attitude of being upset that Thomas and his actions are more appropriate allowances for Thomas to be alone and quiet.

We deserve the praise Thomas attitude.

In this case Thomas does not believe in blind, but he wants proof, so that the faith which was built by Thomas truly profound.

To respond to the attitude of the less believe that Thomas, Jesus said, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed".

Friend, let's learn from Thomas who is lack confidence, but came to believe after seeing.

At this day and age, there is no reason not to believe because they do not see Him.

Indeed, we have seen Jesus among us whatever his or her status is (RMM)



By: P. Morison Joddy Turnip
Studying abroad will only be an option for those who dare to accept the challenge. Reliability and peace of living in their own country are released to fight to defeat every obstacle in the way and dreams. Being in the hope of a better future to the flow of energy to change what's in the dreams become in the hands. This fully-fledged sentences are depicted as a summary sentence and a wealth of experience potions for Indonesian Catholic students residing in the Philippines which is part of an association called the Association of Indonesian Catholic Community in the Philippines (PMKIF stands for Perhimpunan Masyarakat Katolik Indonesia di Filipina). I was elected as a chairman of the association and is believed to hold this position in the early January 2012. As a community that is regarded as a family, consisting of PMKIF layman or religious students studying in the Philippines, the families of the officials, workers and businesses and families that are formed from mixed marriages Indonesia-Philippines.

I had the idea to share as a fellow citizen of Indonesia and this time the students are asked to share ideas for the subject that is being studied. A number of both lay and religious students who had long been in the Philippines was asked to write and share experiences through a kind of bulletin to provide moral and spiritual assistance for those  who set their feet in the Philippines, a country that lies in the northern part out of Indonesia. Stories bitter, sad, happy and playful revealed in the writings of sharing life stories.

Complexity of the bureaucracy and administration, difficulty communicating and socializing because of language differences, cultural friction in the interaction, being tired even to fall ill in adapting to the college and the practice is not uncommon to weaken the struggle. Feelings of sadness and bitterness often creates a yearning for a safe and comfortable atmosphere with loved ones in the homeland. But the desire to reach goals and build a brighter future continue whipping until  eventually the  spirit has overcome  it through critical moments and success.

Today we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of the Lord. Experiences of grief and bitterness of Indonesian students abroad receive confirmation in the experience of Easter. Like Jesus who willingly left HIs Godhead and came into the world to bear the misery and suffering for the sake of the future happiness of mankind (Philippians 2:6-8), as well as Indonesian students studying in the Philippines are willing to take so many years of struggling with fatigue for the future brighter.

Some time ago Lady Gaga, famous singer from America, decided to hold a concert in Jakarta in June. Surprising that so many people, especially young people who are willing to stay overnight at the box office to get tickets for hundreds of thousands to millions. Concert after only a few hours, they are willing to pay and wait in line all night.

Struggle of our lives so much more valuable and precious, not like waiting in Lady Gaga concert tickets are just a few hours after the show. A number of Catholic students in Indonesia fought so long for the land of the long distant future is bright. The risen Christ for the happiness of mankind is a model of our struggle in the world.

We struggle against the difficulties and endure in the world not for a short time in this world but for the future in another world promised by God through His Son. Hopefully the spirit of Easter, we are strengthened in their lives. Amen. ***


By: Pastor Adytia Perangin-wind O.Carm
At a meeting with my colleagues who are filled with warm-hearted atmosphere. We found a coffee cup is filled and sugar with an adequate dose. But when I further noticed it, I realized that the glass was not filled with hot water, because each of us thought that the cup belongs to the other person. It seems that the presumption the cup belongs to the other person was endless, glass was not touched! Glass containing sugar and coffee remain in its position. Finally, one of use made a blunt remark and said that: "the intention apparently was not enough ugh?" It appears the person who  filled the glass had already had the intention to drink coffee but did not. This simple story would be a gateway to the true meaning of life. Intention to love your family alone is   not enough if we would never meet each other. Intention just to become a true people of God is not enough if we do not spare our personal time for personal prayer to him. Intention to want to be good is not enough if we do not do anything about it.
Presumably the above-mentioned occurence is depicted in today's Gospel reading, it was told when there were some Greek pilgrims who wanted to "see" or to see Jesus. What they dido not mean to say, but presumably this wss very similar to the experience of two disciples of Jesus who came and saw Jesus and then chose to become His disciples. Presumably the intention of the Greeks can be interpreted that way. But Jesus' answer really was very honest and plain without any sinister or  hidden motives, that was: "unless a grain of wheat does not fall to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed, but if he dies he will bear much fruit. He who loves his life will lose it, but whoever does not love his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me it where I am there shall also my servant be. Whoever he serves me will become honored by my Father. "
There are many people who have  desires, ideals, dreams ... good intentions. But, needless to say,  the intentions are alone not enough. Gospel today urges us to tell other people that Christian identity is active! Active in determining the attitude towards the consequences of choice as a follower of Christ. Life is an act. Active in the liturgy, active in the prayers as well as personal group, active in the religious life . Life is an act. Active in the liturgy, active in the prayers as well as personal group, active in the religious life . Christians who are passive are considered as wheats that do not fall to the ground and dos not die! We must act, but act without intent based on the deep meaning of life will make it float. Always vigil in prayer that the intention in our lives pure and always prompted by conscience to do what is right to avoid the evil. For each of goodness, truth, happiness outside ourselves and share with others is a true proclamation that we can proclaim in the midst of family, friends, community and even to anyone of good will.
Following Jesus is not enough just intentions alone but must be accompanied by action. For every choice has its own consequences. Consequence of following Jesus is doing things because if they do not do it like a grain that does not fall to the ground and does not bear fruit. ....DETAILS


By: RD. Silvester Asan Marlin
Brothers and sisters ......
That God loves man, ever since the beginning of the world becoming into reality. Love of God is depicted on the willingness of God to create man in His own image. He gave them the freedom to determine the direction of their lives, and He gave them power or the whole universe.
Love of God then also become more evident in how He faithfully led the people of Israel to provide the prophets to guide them, free them from the occupation of Egypt, as well as their insulation with signs of nature such as clouds, water, rain, drought, etc.. From there it was very clear on how real God was in their midst, although they did not see the face of God. Every time people make sin and God would like to destroy, but this does not always happen, because God is so merciful at the-end.
Love of God to man is eventualy culminated with giving His Beloved Son to mankind, in order to save the world. His own son is given as a penance for the wickedness of men, for violations of human. His son was used as a scapegoat so that human error is not taken into account. Here it becomes clear how he did not want to punish the people / the world, but wanted to save him. Whoever believes in His Beloved Son, he will be saved.
In lieu of the greatness of God's love, we are often asked why he loves us so much? Why he wants us all to be safe and happy? This is the secret of God that is sometimes difficult to understand by humans.
So as an ungrateful people, presumably one of the right attitude is to be grateful and to accept His love with full of responsibility. And that means that we must be willing to receive His own Son who is given to us. With the acceptance of Him, we will further appreciate the gift.
How does good reception look like? In my opinion, the proper acceptance is when we live and act like He who did not come to condemn the world but to save it. This means that we are invited to participate actively in the work of saving the world and everything in it.
Participation in saving the world according to me can mean saving the universe and all mankind. Rescue of the universe means that we are invited to participate in this world to make it a very helpful environment for human life better. Any efforts to make a complete whole destruction of this universe and use only for a handful of people, it is probably not quite right with this spirit. Of course the most important thing is to rescue the man himself. And for me, especially, he salvation of humanity lies in the effort to appreciate human as a creature that is valued and loved 


MARKET IN OUR LIVES (John 2: 13-35)
By P. Very Ara, Pr

In order to seek and find the inspiration of my writing, especially for the sermon, I went to the so-called Horas central market in Pematang Siantar. While sitting in the main stair, I saw, and eventually found a lot of ideas. Nevertheless, none of those ideas in the Horas Central Market come into my sermon materials. Upon returning to my room at the  St. Pieter's High Seminary School  - Sinaksak, I sat down to ponder (in the form of meditation and pray) and all of sudden, those ideas arising from the Horas central strikes my mind again. From that point, I am able to compose or prepare something pertaining to my illustrations and preach subject.
The reason is quite obvious! The market is an extremely hustle and bustle place. a lot of things are available up there, possibly enough, and without a doubt, I can easily see God existence in the thousands of people who come to buy and sell (the throng). However, having a dialogue with God in an atmosphere of  intimate and profundity, is absolultey very difficult in the market. To hear and to talk to God requires time and serenity as well as quiet atmosphere.
Jesus rebuked to those who sell in the Temple of Jerusalem and said "Get these out of here, How dare you turn my Father's house into a market" (John 2:16).
Temple, House of the Father, the Church called it as  the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Church. To be more specifically speaking, the Church is something that is real for every Christian: they are members of the Mystical Body of Christ is visible. That means, within ourselves, we can actually meet and talk to God. Therefore, Paul asserted that we are all together are  God's Temple, the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
However, how often do we make ourselves as if it were a noisy market making it difficult to meet and talk to God. We tend to be self-complacent with flocks of concerns and and anxieties that subsequently, bring up worries among us. and then we often fulfill  ourselves with pigeons and money that drive into seflfishness and turn into greed for


By RD. Benno Ola Tage
Among children who either lived in the past  or live at the present time in Indonesia, the title of the song "Rise and Go Up to the Top of the Mountain" is still ringing until now and is one of my favourite song .The lyrics is as follows: "Up-up to the top of the mountain, peak and so high. I see at the both sides .... ". Mostly, in any retreat occasion of secondary students,  they enjoy singing this song.

Mountains and the sea are always attractive to the human heart. Hiking through the mountain path is really a challenging activity.
In the Bible, the mountain is not just the land that we see and where we stand, but the Mount has a sense of inner aspect. In the mountain we feel freshness of the air, on the mountain all the burden of life diminish, the mountain is a symbol of our inner freedom and the mountain symbolizes our great and broad insight. The mountain also enlightens our insight of the huge creation of the universe. From the top of the mountain, we can feel and experience how great and amazing the Creator of the universe.
Mountain itself in the Bible is presumed to be the God's glory. God's relationship with the prophets always occured in the mountains.Just mention a few, Abraham was asked to sacrifice his beloved son on the mountain (Gen.), and our Lord Jesus Christ breathed for His last gasp on the cross on Mount Calvary. On Mount Sinai, God gave the 10 commandments of God to the mountains Musa. God's law was emerged from the Mount Horeb, the Lord appeared to Elijah in order to confirm that He renewed Israel to become  the people who obey the law. From the Mount, the Lord would renew Israel. On top of Mount Carmel, God burned offerings of ram on the altar built by Elijah.
We have found that in the Old Testament that at the top of the mountain, the human encountered with God. On the mountain, Jesus was tempted by Satan (Matthew 4: 1-11). That is why it is called as  mountain of temptation. On the mountain, Jesus announced the Good News (Matthew 5 :2-12), therefore we call it as the mountain of proclamation. Jesus prayed on the mountain    ....DETAILS


By : RD.  P. Tripomo

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Jesus encourages people during His time to be persistent in their beliefs. The futures are highly determined by themselves, those religious persons. In essence,  we are driven to listen and believe the good tidings and firmly look far into the future  There are a few excerptions. It would be entirely futile if we  feel the need to "be" like Jesus when he was in the desert. Mark verse tells the story of on how Jesus was tempted to help us get to know who Jesus is, not to give moralistic messages to us.

Frankly speaking, we admit that we are not as strong as Jesus in facing the ordeal. However,  mostly the temptations that we encounter in our lives are not as fierce as His. Apparently  we have to keep us cool and manage to get ourselves out of the ordeal equally, in other words, The greater is the temptation, the stronger is our resilience. Needless to say, the conclusion is this relies heavily on the way how we grip with this matter either with His help or with our strength only which is very likely to be at loss by the-end. This is the story digest.

Choosing to live for God seems to be the beginning of a long journey for Jesus. It is also for His disciples. Jesus, somehow, will unveil who God is really among the crowd. Our part is to receive his preaching about God. Try to make it happened to be true instead of saying either "yes" or "correct". It is meant that the existence of God's kingdom will become fruitless whenever it is not  gone hand-in-hand by our willingness to make it into reality and as well as for the unforseen things in our community.

A statement that says  the kingdom of God "is at hand" is still meaningful until today. Nowadays,people tend to have strong beliefs that we are called for making the saying "is at hand"is not only a short phrase that is easy to remember, but to manage in such a way  that people feel comfortable, secure, as well as free from anxiety. The fully participation


By: Ara Very RD

When scary fighting erupted in Lebanon, a child was held captive by a Muslim seminary named Druze. With hard and rough, he ordered the seminary down a steep slope to be executed. It turned out that the seminary students were provided with the ability of self-defense and war so that he could paralyze the Druze and seizing weapons. The situation was reversed: instead of seminarians, but Druze who was taken prisoner and was ordered to move toward a steep slope to be executed.

However, when they were down the slope, the seminary students remembered the message of Jesus: "Love your enemies. Be kind to those who hate you ". Seminary students did not take a step further. He threw the gun into a thorn bush and said to the Druze to leave ... and he himself went back to the top of the mountain.

A few minutes later, the seminary student heard a clicking sound followed Druze feet from the rear. Druze thiought and asked, "Is this the end of it all? Other seminary students were thinking: "may be shooting at him from behind Druze". Therefore, he did not turn away; he continued to take a step until finally Druze walked side by side with him, hugged and hugged tightly and thanked him because he had saved his life!.

The story of Jesus healing and forgiveness of sin reminds us that the Kingdom of God is the offer of love and forgiveness. Forgiveness was a cure for a chance to build a new life. People who are able to forgive will provide an opportunity for others to build and organize a new life.

Jesus offered a chance like this. But people who do not agree and were not happy with the the work of Jesus to find a reason to reject him. A man who is unable to forgive will turn off his life,  ....DETAILS

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