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Lukas 1:38

Kata Maria: "Sesungguhnya aku ini adalah hamba Tuhan; jadilah padaku menurut perkataanmu itu." Lalu malaikat itu meninggalkan dia.
Luke 1:38

Then Mary said, Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said. And the angel left her.
Lukas 1:46-47

Lalu kata Maria: "Jiwaku memuliakan Tuhan,
dan hatiku bergembira karena Allah, Juruselamatku,

Luke 1:46-47

And Mary said, My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

Lukas 1:48

sebab Ia telah memperhatikan kerendahan hamba-Nya. Sesungguhnya, mulai dari sekarang segala keturunan akan menyebut aku berbahagia,
Luke 1:48

For He has looked upon the low station and humiliation of His handmaiden. For behold, from now on all generations [of all ages] will call me blessed and declare me happy and to be envied!
Lukas 1:49-50

karena Yang Mahakuasa telah melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan besar kepadaku dan nama-Nya adalah kudus.
Dan rahmat-Nya turun-temurun atas orang yang takut akan Dia.

Luke 1:49-50

For He Who is almighty has done great things for me--and holy is His name [to be venerated in His purity, majesty and glory]!
And His mercy (His compassion and kindness toward the miserable and afflicted) is on those who fear Him with godly reverence, from generation to generation and age to age.

Lukas 1:51

Ia memperlihatkan kuasa-Nya dengan perbuatan tangan-Nya dan mencerai-beraikan orang-orang yang congkak hatinya;
Luke 1:51

He has shown strength and made might with His arm; He has scattered the proud and haughty in and by the imagination and purpose and designs of their hearts.
Lukas 1:52-53

Ia menurunkan orang-orang yang berkuasa dari takhtanya dan meninggikan orang-orang yang rendah;
Ia melimpahkan segala yang baik kepada orang yang lapar, dan menyuruh orang yang kaya pergi dengan tangan hampa;

Luke 1:52-53

He has put down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of low degree.
He has filled and satisfied the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty-handed [without a gift].

Lukas 1:54

Ia menolong Israel, hamba-Nya, karena Ia mengingat rahmat-Nya,

Luke 1:54

He has laid hold on His servant Israel [to help him, to espouse his cause], in remembrance of His mercy,

Lukas 1:55

seperti yang dijanjikan-Nya kepada nenek moyang kita, kepada Abraham dan keturunannya untuk selama-lamanya."
Luke 1:55

Even as He promised to our forefathers, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.
Lukas 2:48

Dan ketika orang tua-Nya melihat Dia, tercenganglah mereka, lalu kata ibu-Nya kepada-Nya: "Nak, mengapakah Engkau berbuat demikian terhadap kami? Bapa-Mu dan aku dengan cemas mencari Engkau."
Luke 2:48

When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, "Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you."
Yoh 2:5

Tetapi ibu Yesus berkata kepada pelayan-pelayan: "Apa yang dikatakan kepadamu, buatlah itu!"
John 2:5

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”


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HAPPINESS (Mark 1:40-45)
By: RD.
Silvester Asan Marlin
Everyone aspires to live happily. Happiness is the right of all people. This type of happiness can vary. For example, a mate, job, fortune, friends, the birth of a child, a promotion, survived the crash or recover from an illness.
Lepers who were told in the Gospel today also want to get well and happy. In Jewish culture, the leper is considered sinful, cursed and scum. Should therefore be removed from common life.
Jesus against the habits of the people who get rid of the leprosy. When the leper came to Him, Jesus welcomed, touched and healed him. Jesus came to earth to save the sick and sinful. This is a tangible manifestation of God's salvation has come to the center of the world.
The leper had been born again. He had saved, acknowledged and returned to the community. He was very rejoiced and proclaimed for  his healing everywhere. He felt God's mercy. His life has been turned into a new one.
Separated from the experience of suffering, illness is very happy. God loves and to save you. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist, said, "No level of wealth that makes us happy, but the relation of heart to heart and the way we see the world. Both attitudes are within our control, so that people can stay happy all this time choosing to be happy, and nothing can stop it. "
Happiness is not determined by the amount of wealth we have, but by the love relationship we have. Many people are willingly to sacrifice relationships with loved ones to gain more wealth. When you want to be happy we have to appreciate people more than things.
How do you view that happiness? Because of rich, a lot of money, or because of a close relationship with God? Remember, money and property may be obtained at any time. But the fact it will not be eternal. In contrast, a true relationship with others and God will be eternal. Even bring salvation as experienced by the leper.

By: RD. Benno Ola Tage
Since mid-June 2011 to mid-June 2012, established by Pope Benedict XVI as the year of catechesis in the Catholic Church. The term of catechesis is the deepening of faith kita.Ini activity is an activity of teaching. In teaching this, people are taught about the sacraments in the Catholic Church, about the saints, liturgy and so on. In short, the activities of catechesis, Catholics deepen their faith, and knowledge of the faith will enhance the appreciation of our faith. Without catechesis, people can be like a blind man, faith without understanding the true faith according to Catholic teaching, or running each according to its understanding.
Since the determination was, until recently, the Cathedral parish has not done anything meaningful to this catechetical year is filled with people of faith builder. We are always faced with the difficulty to find time for catechesis. Meetings and seminars of faith, for the people and officials in order to improve the service as a board member of the Church is not very enthusiastic welcome. Is it to be a way we can do? Yes, we should do something for people of faith development.
An idea came from one corner of the parish in the city of Chicago, the United States. Father Linnan, trying to develop a teaching for people of every Eucharistic celebration. After the announcement, pastor Linnan, uses approximately four to five minutes to give instruction to his people. This method is quite effective. Appointed in each teaching a particular theme. This theme is presented so clearly and so it does not confuse people. What if there are questions to be answered on the occasion of the celebration of the Eucharist outside.
In a conversation with a fellow pastor and parish councils, this idea seems quite relevant to develop in our parish. We are designing how this pattern can be applied in our parish. This is one form of faith formation for people or how berkatekese people.
Do people have an input and suggestions are more appropriate in improving the activity of catechesis in our parishes? One of the obstacles we are the people's curiosity about the Catholic faith is low. It's as if everything is so clear. When we invite discussion of faith, quite a lot of people who struggle to answer ....DETAILS

RD. Very Ara
Aster Soriano was a teacher in a Secondary School on an island in the Middle Filipinos. At the beginning of the school year, Aster always give discourses on school discipline and order, although he is not the Principal. As a teacher who is responsible, he felt obliged to deliver the sermon to his disciples at the beginning of their meeting.
However, after more than seven years of teaching at the school, it seems the values ​​are always the emphasis is never heeded by his disciples. Almost no school days missed from the case of late; there is always a reason for his students to be late. Not a few number of students who openly smoked when resting; let alone read the comic or pornographic novel in progress during the lesson.
Why is all this happening? The reason is clear: most teachers at the school, including Aster did not rules. Students shall not smoke, but smoking in Aster himself while teaching in the classroom. And the countless hours of lessons missed for granted, because the teachers are not fully respected or deliberately late to class, so I can play chess or read a novel in the office.
"What's this? a new school. He speaks with authority. Evil spirits and they were ruled Taan Him "(Mark 1.27). This is a piece of the expression of admiration of the Jews when listening to his words full of power and authority and when to see the actions and attitudes of his life.
In the eyes of the Jews, Jesus' power and kewibaan no doubt. Even his opponents recognized and admired him. His words actually empowered and have a strong influence for each listener and his followers because they contain the truth. What he spake His manifested in action. His words not only contain the power to be obeyed, but move anyone to follow, be followed and respected. If Aster and her fellow teachers to align their words and actions, ....DETAILS

Mark from 1.14 to 20
By: RD.
Very Ara
One day, Amang Tagor to visit his son who is studying in the city of Medan. To reach the city of Medan takes time, effort and cost because the village is located in the stations Amang Tagor Mela-Sibolga. For Amang Tagor, it did not dampen his intention to see their son only child.
Amang Tagor always remember the past is troubling her. He's stubborn, does not like to listen to advice and like to scuffle with his friends. The only way that allows him to change is this: he had to school: he had to lecture to teachers and teachers can educate and mental shape.
Tagor Amang his son arrived at the boarding house without any difficulty. Some classmates are cognate with his son leads to a room Amang Tagor children. Amang Tagor surprised when saw her messy room. The books were scattered on the table.
Amang Tagor more surprised when it did not see his son in his room. He found a stack of letters at the top of a desk-bound son. The letters came from Amang Tagor and his wife to his son. Surprisingly, not a single letter is opened and read. Amang Tagor heart feels sore.
Every time a child writes a letter to ask for money, Amang Tagor always send it through her account. He believes that his son was in desperate need of money. After sending money, the letter followed. In the letter, Amang Tagor always tells about their home situation and advise her child to study hard, be honest and not affected by unfavorable life. Unfortunately, the letters were not read. His son just takes money from him, not advice.
Amang Tagor increasingly angry barks when his son came in drunk. After slapping her son, Amang Tagor hurried home to a myriad of Sibolga with resentment.
God has given all human needs, whether requested or not requested. His purpose for human life in the wild happiness.

"Hooray ....., ..... I'VE MET GOD!
"Hooray ....., ..... I'VE MET GOD!
(John 1: 35-42)
By: RD.
Silvester Asan Marlin
"We have found the Messiah" (John 1:41). Similarly, reporter Andrew cheerfully told his brother Simon Peter. Andreas is very happy that longing for the Messiah has come true in Jesus of Nazareth. The excitement was quickly he shared with his brother. He did not keep the excitement it for himself. Experience an encounter with God would be a remarkable experience for Andreas. It is so much that he felt the need to proclaim to others that they too may come to enjoy it.
Perhaps in the course of our lives, also have a special meeting with the Saviour of the world and rejoice in it. Through today's Gospel story, we are invited to not save yourself the joy that but we proclaim to our brothers and sisters to another. Remember, by baptism we are adopted into disciples and followers of Christ, good news herald, and called to form the excitement agents.
Meet with Christ means that we are saved and nourished by His Spirit. Thus, we live from the Spirit, our bodies become the temple of the Holy Spirit (cf. 1 Cor 6:19). Characteristic life of the Holy Spirit is joy. Glad that has been saved. Therefore, people who live from the Spirit shall bear the fruit of the Spirit in word and action. "Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance" (Gal 5:22-23). With life of the Spirit, we become children of God who always humbly said to him, like Samuel, "Bersabdalah O Lord, your servant is listening" (1 Samuel 3:10).
So, let our brothers and sisters share the experience of our encounter with Christ to the people that are around us that they were having fun just like us. God bless you all, this day for ever. Amen

POLITICAL BEHAVIOR reflection wary of Herod
POLITICAL BEHAVIOR reflection wary of Herod
By: RD. Benno Ola Tage
On January 8, 2012, we celebrated the event magnus three men visited Jesus born in Bethlehem. This story is what we celebrate in the liturgy we called the "Feast of God Sightings." Reading the Gospel message contained in this celebration of the Gentiles are described in the magnus come and worship Jesus our Lord. However, we highlight the behavior of the characters who rarely preached Herod. In the story of the Magi who visited Jesus, we encounter the figure of Herod. Herod is the ruler of Jerusalem and Judea. He is a smart politician and cunning. He developed a Greek-style buildings in the Palestinian areas. At the end of the period, he was very suspicious of its rivals. In fact he ordered to kill his family members who are assessed and proven to rival him. Herod died a wife, sister and three children because he judged them are those who would seize power.
Masciavelli, a thinker Italy 500 years ago launched a review that to gain power by lawful means. Through his book "Il Principle", he was to review the strategies how cunningly seseorng gain and maintain power. Yes, it is tempting and seductive power. He could make them dark conscience who desire to get and retain power. The behavior of rulers such as Herod was the ruler who justifies the means, provided that he came to power.
But Herod did not want to show the reckless attitude. It has a clever diplomatic skills. Herod called the chief priests and scribes and asked them where the king / messiah of the Jews was born. Them with the answer: "In Bethlehem of Judea. To the three people that Magnus, Herod ordered go to Bethlehem

WHAT IT MEANS outward appearance
WHAT IT MEANS outward appearance
(Isaiah 61:1-2a .10-11, 1 Thess 5.16 to 24, John 1:6-8.19-28)
By: RD. Very Ara
Tagor Sinaga is a new priest who was placed in a parish in rural areas. As a novice, intending taken him around the parish priest to be introduced to his people. However, before all the stations visited, the parish priest fell ill. Tagor priest was forced to continue the planned pastoral visitation alone.
At one point, he was awaited by a group of people furthest from parish stations. To reach the site, he had to walk more or less 5 hours. Because of that, he was wearing shorts that are free to walk on the slippery ground and climb.
On arrival at the border village, he saw a group of parents gathered. He believed that they were waiting for him. After greeting each other, an old man asked him, "Son, a new priest was there where now? Is the street child were both with him? "Oh, is still far behind, father! Another moment he arrived with two assistants! The priest replied Tagor while continuing on his way to the village. Twenty minutes later, two assistants arrived. An old man of the elders, again asked, "Where is Father? "Pastor dah 'came first. Does he not pass here. It is wearing shorts. He is the Father Tagor "said the maid. At that, they stood up and rushed to the village. They saw he was in front of the church while enjoying his cigarette butt.
When the Jews occupied in waiting and asking, when the Messiah came to save them, John menajwab calmly: "In the middle of your feet you do not know him, and him, which came later than me" (Jn 1:26-27 ).
Appearances of Jesus are simple and very ordinary and did not convince the nation of Israel. His figure is very different from the picture and their expectations. Like most people, the people of Israel are stuck in a frame of mind about God and his own shadow. Most people, the people of Israel are stuck in a frame of mind about God and his own shadow. Most human hope, even

Yes. 40:1-5,9-11; Ps. 85:9 b-10 ,11-12 ,13-14; 2 Pet. 3:8-14; Mark. 1:1-8
Daily musings "spark FAITH"
Steve Jobs the leader of computer and electronics company Apple finally died, of pancreatic cancer, on Wednesday, October 5, 2011. After his death people began to remember his words in his speeches after he suffered from a disease that ultimately ended his life. In one public lecture in front of thousands of Stanford students he said: "Life is very short. We do not know how long we will live. If the day was the end of our lives, be sure to be a day full of meaning and give meaning to the people around us ... "
Scripture readings during Advent speaks volumes about the preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus either the first or second time. To welcome the coming of the Lord that we commemorate on Christmas Day, as well as the second coming of the Lord on the Day of Judgment, the holy book invites us to prepare ourselves. First reading the prophet Isaiah spoke of the call, so that mankind prepare the way for the Lord. The second reading speaks about the purpose of preparing the way for the Lord is preparing themselves, preparing the mind or heart. Peter reminded the people of God to live holy and righteous to be found worthy in His sight. Reading the Gospel speaks of John the Baptist's call to repeat the message of the prophet Isaiah, that were converted, baptized and forgiven his sins (Mark 1:4). These are all saints and holy before God.
Judgment Day is often scary but it was the coming of our Lord the second time, when the rescue. Why are we afraid of? Fears that arise because of the situation we are still sinners. To eliminate the fear of doomsday 

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